STORY: Thousands of South Africans say one last goodbye to Mandela

December 12th, 2013


In the courtyard of the South African presidency, the Union Buildings, Pretoria overlooking the capital, a temporary structure was erected to house the remains of the father nation Arc-en-Ciel, who died Dec. 5 at the age of 95 years. It is in these places that had been invested in 1994 as the first black president in South Africa's post-apartheid for what he wanted to be a single term of five.

Today, South Africans, anonymous and celebrities came by the thousands to say a final goodbye to the icon of the anti-apartheid struggle. Access to the body had been reserved for the family in the morning. The widow of Nelson Mandela and Graça Machel his ex-wife Winnie were present.

Among the first to gather in front of the coffin of Father of the Nation were Bono, supermodel Naomi Campbell and the President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe. But also the last white president of South Africa, Ferderik de Klerk, who with Nelson Mandela shared the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993, particularly moved.

The body of Nelson Mandela is still exposed on Thursday and Friday before being buried Sunday in Qunu, the village of his ancestors, 700 kilometers south of Johannesburg.

With AFP and Reuters

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CAR: The Central President FRANCE 24: "It is too much to say that I have no control"

December 8th, 2013


While the French forces began, Saturday, December 7, patrolling the streets of Bangui and its suburbs, where violence has claimed nearly 400 lives since Thursday, CAR President Michel Djotodia, returned to the current crisis in his country.

"The Central African people have suffered too much. What is happening today is the sum of everything that happened there 30 years, "he told

Saturday Matthieu Mabin and Alexander Turnbull, special envoys FRANCE 24 hours before the televised speech of François Hollande.

"If there is a miracle surgery to restore peace among us, the miracle must be collective, that is to say that all Central Africans must unite, must combine the joint efforts to put an end to what is happening today. This is very regrettable. Our country has never been as hard times in its history. "

"Accept cohabit"

On the issue of control of the situation, the CAR president does not want to hear that he has no control. "My men, I control. Those that I do not control, are not my men, "he said before acknowledging that it is however difficult to control the entire territory, as it is vast.

African Head of State concluded the interview by speaking directly to his people. "I urge my fellow citizens to agree to reach out, to accept to live together."

The CAR president Michel Djotodia - came to power in March at the head of the rebel coalition Seleka, he then dissolved - was also declared a national mourning three days beginning Sunday in memory of the victims of the massacres that left hundreds dead in Bangui, in a message broadcast on national radio on Saturday night.

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UNITED STATES: Christine Fox, the new No. 2 Pentagon that inspired the movie "Top Gun"

December 4th, 2013


Barack Obama himself has chosen to be the number two at the Pentagon. Christine H. Fox was appointed Wednesday, Dec. 4, Deputy Secretary of Defense. First woman to hold this position, it seems to be unanimity within the department. The Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has himself described as "brilliant thinker and experienced manager." "She knows the complexity of the budget of the department, its programs and operations better than anyone," he stressed.

Responsible for budgetary issues the Pentagon for several years, she left that position there a few months ago to join the Physical Research Laboratory of the Johns Hopkins University in Maine. Reinstating the Ministry, she succeeds Ashton Carter, approached a time to replace Leon Panetta to head the Defence. President Barack Obama finally appoint Republican Chuck Hagel early 2013. Ashton Carter, who announced his resignation in October, recently worked closely with Christine Fox who officiated for him as non-paid consultant. A position that allowed him to keep a foot in the Pentagon.

The real Charlie "Top Gun"

Very discreet, including privacy, Christine Fox is still known to the American public to have inspired the character of Charlie, female lead and shot center of attention heart of Tom Cruise in the movie "Top Gun" in 1986.

Although she had never been a fighter, Christine Fox pilot - with the same golden hair aka Charlie Kelly McGillis - was then President of the American Center of Naval Analyses and already expert on defense. "I absolutely do not know how to take off a plane but I know a lot about him that sits alongside the driver, its missions, its radar and missile screen," she explained in a rare interview with People magazine in 1985, when the film was in production.

Called "legacy" ("legs") by his colleagues at the time, Christine Fox also landed in the interview room misogyny in the community.

A replacement station

Despite its prestigious development at the top of the Pentagon, the return on the front of the scene of Christine Fox is only temporary, it will be named as the interim pending the President shall appoint a permanent replacement Ashton Carter. 

At a time when budget tribulations fully occupy the employees of the Pentagon, Barack Obama did not want to disrupt the work of its staff, which is why Christine Fox ensure that the transition, time as the 2015 budget is passed. In Washington, several sources already suggest that Robert Work, former deputy secretary of the Navy and director of a think tank on national security is already in pole position to take Following Christine Fox.

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EGYPT: Events "illegal": a pro-democracy activist released, another remains in custody

December 1st, 2013


While show has become a risky activity in Egypt, Justice ordered on Sunday December 1, the release of activist Ahmed Maher figure lay movement of 6-April arrested for protesting "illegally", that is to say, without authorization, Tuesday, Nov. 26.

In contrast, another activist, blogger Alaa Abdel Fattah, who was arrested for the same reasons and accused of "a riot" and "striking an officer" saw its de , extended fortnight attention. This activist, already concerned in the Mubarak era, remain in cell "for the needs of the investigation."

That day, November 26, sixty demonstrators were arrested, including a dozen activists among the best known of the country. They were subsequently released on a desert road outside Cairo in the middle of the night.

The effects of the new law banning unauthorized demonstrations previously have therefore felt. It now requires them to inform the authorities three days before holding a rally. It must then be authorized by the Ministry of the Interior if it does not represent a "threat to security." In case of violence, the police may use a "graduated use of force."

Decline in respect for freedom

This new law is denounced by organizations defending human rights as a decline in respect for civil liberties compared to the achievements of the "revolution of the Nile" of 2011.

"If the revolutionaries have trusted the army, that confidence is beginning to break. A number of activists believe that the military is trying to take over the government and they have other aims than the transition, "says Pierrick Leurent, FRANCE 24 correspondent in Cairo.

Ahmed Maher told AFP on Tuesday that "the law should be repealed." "The Interior Ministry wants to end the protests," Has he said, noting that "even under Mubarak, protests took place."

Amnesty International has estimated that the law was "a serious step backward" that "gives carte blanche to security forces to use excessive force, including lethal, against demonstrators." For its part, the Islamist Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Mohamed Morsi has condemned the law, "instead of stopping repressive and murderous practices forces se rity from the coup, encourages abuse. "

Activists have called for new demonstrations late Wednesday afternoon in the center of Cairo. "The question is whether the popular support for protesters in Cairo because people want calm down," nevertheless considers Pierrick Leurent.

With news (AFP and Reuters)

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ITALY: Silvio Berlusconi about to be landed in the Senate by his peers

November 28th, 2013


The Italian Senate must decide, on the evening of Wednesday, November 27, if custody or not in its ranks former Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi. The vote followed the final sentence in August of "Cavaliere" for tax evasion. His supporters have tried by all means to delay the deadline so that the poll voting procedures on his dismissal should only start at 18h (GMT). The outcome of the vote is little doubt because the left and the Movement five stars of the former comedian Beppe Grillo announced that they unite their voices.

The departure of the Senate Berlusconi, 77, would end its 20 years of political activity, but would have no impact on the government. The executive left-right led by Enrico Letta has been trusted by the Upper House during the budget review for 2014, called "Stability Law". A total of 171 senators voted in favor of the government, and 135 voted against. The budget has not been adopted so far by parliamentarians, who will again vote on it at the end of the year.

For its part, the Berlusconi camp has formalized its transition to the opposition expressing distrust Enrico Letta. "Starting today, we belong to the opposition and the grand coalition ends," said Renato Brunetta, leader of Forza Italia in the Chamber of Deputies where Enrico Letta has a guaranteed majority.

Than the end of the domination of Berlusconi on the Italian political life, this is the break that held on Wednesday, the attention of the transalpine press. Several titles, moreover, does not seem to believe in permanent disqualification from that which has long described as "unsinkable". "The bet Silvio: I will stay at Palazzo Chigi," can be read in "La Repubblica".

"Berlusconi is still and will remain very powerful"

The Berlusconiens in any case do not give up. Some 10,000 of them are expected at the event scheduled for Wednesday afternoon before the Roman residence of the former Prime Minister. His fiercest opponents have meanwhile called to celebrate his expulsion announced near the Senate.

The other question that torments observers is that the judicial future of Silvio Berlusconi. Stripped of his parliamentary immunity, "Cavaliere" Could be arrested in connection with criminal proceedings in Naples, where he is accused of having "bought , "a senator left in 2006?

"This is an absurd hypothesis, and in the current situation, completely unreal," said Franco Coppi, one of the lawyers media mogul. "At his age, it is not going to jail except in exceptional cases," said Piercamillo Davigo, a former member of the famous pool Clean Hands corruption that had launched the first procedures to against Berlusconi.

"Berlusconi is still and will remain very powerful, even if its power is declining. It still has enormous resources, still has its media [three television channels, newspapers] got 10 million votes there six months, "said AFP political scientist James Waltson, professor at the American University of Rome.

Silvio Berlusconi has also hammered himself: he will remain whatever happens at the head of his party refounded, Forza Italia. According to surveys carried out on behalf of a coalition of right would collect 24% of the vote in the event of early elections, "two points higher than the center-left."

With AFP and Reuters

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FOOTBALL: Ligue 1: Monaco remains in the race after his victory in Nantes (1-0)

November 25th, 2013


Lille and Monaco have emerged Sunday during the 14th day of the Championship of France, respectively against Toulouse and Nantes, which allows them to maintain a reasonable distance, four and five points behind leaders Paris SG.

After success in Paris Saturday Reims (3-0), the goal for Lille (2nd) and Monaco (3rd) was to maintain the same standard and not not leave the team from the capital before spinning too fast.

Lille were the first on the scene, at 14:00, and their victory was slow to emerge since it was not until the 84th minute and a goal from Souaré head on an excellent center for Balmont their domination happen.

"I do not know if we will be able to compete with PSG. So far, Paris has four points, we can not say they took off, "responded Losc coach René Girard, which relies more than ever on the defensive strength of the team.

Lille has indeed completed Sunday ninth complete game in a row without conceding a goal in the league and scored his fifth victory this season 1-0.

As for his Nigerian goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama, it is 855 minutes without ball in his net. "Vincent can not concede a goal. I do not know how he does it, it must have a fluid ", has entertained the Lille president Michel Seydoux.

Toulouse, who finished the game 10 after the expulsion of Trejo rest of his side stuck in 14th place.

Monaco also settled for a 1-0 victory, unhooked on the lawn of Nantes, but retains his 5th place.

Incidents Nice

Monaco's goal was scored in the 71st minute by Obbadi, a shot from distance and country. At the origin of the action, there was a good job the young Martial, who had just replaced a disappointing Falcao and totally incredulous at the change.

In the other match played Sunday, Saint-Etienne has responded well after his defeat in the derby against Lyon and was looking for a precious victory at Nice (1-0 ), which allows the Greens to rise to 6th place.

The Nice (13th), which bind a fourth straight defeat, were beaten on a goal of Erding, who took advantage of a huge technical error Young goalkeeper Luca Veronese (22), third porter staff. 

But the game was also marked by clashes between supporters before kick-off, which killed at least eight injured and led the league president Frederic Thiriez to react in a scathing statement.

"These few morons who call themselves fans do not realize even they ruin the image of football. One solution: the repression, "Has he said, referring to possible" systematic travel ban "in the absence of another solution.

Saturday, Paris SG was therefore quietly beaten Reims (3-0) to Auguste Delaune Stadium, the last where Parisians are inclined in March. Lucas, Menez and Ibrahimovic scored for a Paris team which now has 10 wins and four draws this season in Ligue 1.

Four games, Lyon-Valenciennes, Montpellier Guingamp, Rennes and Sochaux-Bordeaux-Bastia had concluded a 1-1 draw. Lorient had finally won her outside in Evian-Thonon crush up 4-0 side.

Marseille for its part had confirmed Friday his return to form by easily beating a very low Ajaccio team (19th) course (3-1). The three attackers Om, Payet, and Thauvin Gignac scored with a masterpiece of the former Toulouse. Om is the fourth, but already five lengths of the podium.


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FRANCE: End of the run for the alleged gunman's Liberation and Defence

November 21st, 2013


This is the end of a hunt that lasted five days. The DNA of the suspect in custody Wednesday night matches that of the shooter behind attacks BFM TV, Liberation and Defense. The man suspected to have caused panic in Paris called Abdelhakim Dekhar, he had already been sentenced to four years in prison in the Rey-Maupin case.

The Interior Minister Manuel Valls, who confirmed the identity of the alleged shooter, stressed the "great police" work and paid tribute to their "professionalism and their speed "during a press conference at the headquarters of the judicial police in Paris on the night of Thursday to Friday.

Attempted suicide

The suspect was spotted about 19 hours in a parked car in an underground car park of Bois-Colombes, near Paris. It was found in a semi-comatose state after, it seems, ingested drugs. A gesture "which may suggest a suicide attempt," said Manuel Valls.

We still know nothing of Abdelhakim Dekhar motivations. The suspect is not able to be heard. "He was treated, it may be up very quickly for the investigation to continue and obviously it is asked," said the Minister of the Interior.

The arrest of the suspect was made through a statement obtained by the police in Courbevoie. A man who claimed to have hosted Abdelhakim Dekhar contacted the police. The suspect reportedly told him that he "made a mistake" by referring the case, said a source close to the investigation.

The case-Rey Maupin

Abdelhakim Dekhar had participated in the bloody equipped Florence Rey (19) and Audry Maupin (23), who killed five people including three policemen in 1994 in Paris. Nicknamed "Toumi" at the time of the case, he was sentenced to four years in prison - the exact length of his detention - for purchased the shotgun used in the shooting.  

Abdelhakim Dekhar was released in the wake of the trial.

One man

The French Minister of the Interior announced Tuesday, November 19, the investigators to find the shooter had made "a lot of work on (his) DNA."

DNA led investigators to acquire the certainty that the same man is the author of Monday's attack in Liberation, where a photographer assistant é , ty seriously injured, shots that followed, causing no casualties, La Défense, and the hostage-taking of a motorist in stride.

"The hypothesis of a single author is confirmed", told AFP on Wednesday morning the Nanterre prosecutor, Robert Gelli. 

This arrest is the result of the appeal for witnesses launched by investigators of the Paris Criminal Brigade police after publication Tuesday of a photo after a junkie ra CCTV RATP.

With AFP dispatches

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GREECE: A Greek extreme left group claims the murder of two neo-Nazis

November 17th, 2013


Their name was previously unknown in Greece. But the "revolutionary fighters Powers people," left-wing movement, and made known their existence by claiming Saturday, November 16 murder of two members of Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn killed , s on November 1.

"We, the revolutionary fighters Powers people claim responsibility of political executions of members of the fascist neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn," it said in a statement posted on the website Greek Zougla information. The statement had originally been duplicated on a USB key itself placed inside a plastic bag Kaisariani deposited in the suburbs of the Greek capital. It was discovered after a phone call, said Zougla.


The group claimed to have acted in "retaliation" of the recent murder of an anti-fascist musician Pavlos Fyssas by a neo-Nazi. The rapper 35 was stabbed to death on September 18 by a Golden Dawn to the output of a bar in the suburbs member southeast of Athens. Golden Dawn is also accused of killing and beating of immigrants and other supporters left the last two years.

The investigation into the assassination by two strangers at the beginning of Kapelonis Emmanuel, 22, and Giorgos Foudoulis, 27 years, two guards of local Golden Dawn on an avenue in the suburbs north of Athens, was assigned to the brigade in charge of the fight against terrorism.

Offensive against Golden Dawn

The murder of musician Pavlos Fyssas shocked Greece and prompted authorities to initiate, for the first time, an offensive against Golden Dawn, a party accused of violence for several Sixties es, but having enjoyed virtual impunity. Three members of that party, including its founder and his number two, were placed in early October in custody, charged with "membership in an organization criminal. "

Entered parliament for the first time after the last elections in June 2012, after receiving 7% of the vote, Golden Dawn, whose speech is xed nophobe and anti-Semitic, has since risen sharply in the polls.

With news

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RWANDA GENOCIDE: The French justice in favor of extradition of two Rwandans

November 14th, 2013


The Court of Appeal of Paris ruled, Wednesday, Nov. 13, for the extradition of two Rwandan sought by Kigali for their alleged involvement in the 1994 genocide.

This decision concerns Muhayimana Claude, 52, who has since acquired French nationality, and Innocent Musabyimana, 41. The verdict is not final because the lawyer of two Rwandans, Mr. Philippe Meilhac, was immediately announced an appeal.

He will return to the high court to decide. And in case of green light, the French government will sign an extradition order, so that the two men were sent back to their country.

The first, Claude Muhayimana, is accused by Kigali of having participated in the massacre of Tutsis in Kibuye town in western Rwanda, the second in the province of Gisenyi (north-west) to the Congolese border.

Of extradition decisions already canceled for these two men

These two men have the distinction of having been confronted with the competent courts in extradition. The courts of appeal of Dijon and Rouen had initially issued a favorable opinion of their extradition in two decisions annulled by the Court of Cassation. Latter referred the examination of applications Rwandan court of Appeal of Paris.

In both cases, the high court had relied on two fundamental principles, those of the "legality of criminal offenses and penalties" and "non-retroactivity of criminal law" . stipulate that they can not be tried for an offense that has not been defined by law at the relevant time.

This is an Act of 19 June 1994 genocide in Rwanda continued. But the killings began in April this year.

While several countries, such as Canada and Norway have agreed to extradite genocide suspects to Kigali, the French justice has consistently rejected requests from the Rwanda . And the Supreme Court has always gone in this direction.

It was unclear Wednesday motivations behind the decision of the investigating chamber of the Court of Appeal of Paris. President Jean Bartholin, however, emphasized at the hearing that the Rwandan justice system provide the guarantees of a fair trial.

"The court considers that if you return to your country, your life is not in danger, and you have the conditions for a fair trial," said the magistrate. With news

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TENNIS: Masters: Nadal and Federer outclasses offers a place in the final

November 11th, 2013


Rafael Nadal qualified for his second Masters final, beating his old rival Roger Federer in two sets 7-5, 6-3 on Sunday in London.

The Spaniard, who had lost his first final in 2010 against Federer will meet Monday night the winner of the second semifinal between Serbian Novak Djokovic and Switzerland's Stanislas Wawrinka.

The world No.1 beat Federer for the 22nd time in 32 games to confirm its clear dominance in their direct confrontations. But this is the first time he beat the old master indoor, in his fifth attempt.

Six-time winner of the tournament, Federer has stood for a set where he has long relied on an effective service and forehand. But his commitment was dropped at the wrong time to Nadal who used his old recipes to dominate the Swiss again.

Sometimes brilliant but also able to link monumental blunders (32 unforced errors), Federer, 7th World, has once again had too many ups and downs in his match, an irregularity that does not forgive face , a world No.1.

Nadal, more solid, very good service and ultra realistic (4 of 4 on his break points), and has won logically, in 1:19, the last stronghold which still belonged to his rival, now fought on all fronts.

By denying Federer a ninth final at the Masters, Nadal gives a new chance to win the only major tournament still missing from his collection. 

He will play Monday its final fourteenth year, his 85th career where he will seek an eleventh title in 2013, which would allow it to match its 2005 record.


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